When we sell you a brace we guarantee quality. We offer a Lifetime Warranty on all of our braces so if there's a manufacturing defect or something goes wrong with your brace you don't have to stress. Just send it back to us and we'll assess whether we can replace, or repair the damage.

What's covered under the lifetime warranty: Manufacturing defects.

What isn't covered: aesthetic damage, general wear and tear, 3rd party damage.

Returns Policy

We offer a 15 day return period from the date you receive your product for a full refund. The product must be unopened, undamaged, and show no signs of attempted installation or tampering in order to receive a refund. All tools, and hardware must also be returned in an unopened state.

OCD EURO reserves the right to decide whether an item complies with the above terms.

Return shipping costs are to be handled by the customer, and your refund will be issued once the item has been returned and assessed as complying with the above terms.

If the product does not comply with the above conditions it will be shipped back to the customer at full shipping and handling cost.