At OCD EURO we've hosted and participated in our fair share of group buys. So much so, we thought we'd have one permanently available. If you can find some mates who you think would be interested in going in on a group buy, let us know and we'll sort you out.

Current group buy structure.

People 5 10 15+
Money Saved $30 $40 $60



  • If custom orders (custom powdercoating) are included everyone has to wait for that order to finish before sending. So keep that in mind if you've only got one person who wants a custom finish.

  • We ship to one location. To minimise shipping costs and general confusion we ship to one location i.e. your mates house.

  • Group buys can include different brace models. i.e. If you have a Golf but your mate has a Polo, both can be in the same order.

  • All the usual add-ons are available but unfortunately there is no discount.

  • We do international groups! Please contact us for further details before checkout.